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Pencilmonkey [userpic]
Jewels of Wisdom... maybe...
by Pencilmonkey (azure_flipside)
at June 6th, 2005 (06:39 am)

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These are just some demonic proverbs I came up with, with the help of one of those "Random Proverb Generators" that are supposed to be filled in with words like "poop", "sex", and "squeegee", but I was looking for something a tad more profound than "a rolling dead baby gathers no moss." So instead I put in some more interesting and mature words, and here's what I got. I don't know, I think at least they could be profound... but oh well.

I haven't gotten the demonic translations yet. GIMME TIME!! T_T

There is safety in friends.

There are two sides to every crime.

Experience is the best lie.

Nothing succeeds like dreams.

You can't live by fear alone.

Nothing is certain but death and demons.

And finally, one thing that I managed to come up with by myself...

"To forgive is to forget, and to forget is a roundabout foolish way to forgive. Sometimes both can be found in death. Neither can be found in murder."

Just something to hold ya.

Baome ql'guli.

Out of the ground...
by Paul (theguardian1821)
at May 20th, 2005 (03:14 pm)

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I figured I'd give you some background on Ithy's race.

Ithy is, as it stands, an Angel. Angels were created as the byproduct of a vicious war between the Estuani (I can never find the appropriate symbol thinger) and Dragons. The fighting had gone on for decades, and started with a foolish warrior etsuani clan.

To be a man in that clan, you had to leave your house at the age of 12, and come back with a prized beast. Stupidly, one of the children went and killed a pup, a baby dragon. This wouldn't have been bad if the estuani clan had surrendered the child into the custody of the Dragons. The prideful clan, however, killed the dragon negotiator who asked for the child's custody.

The Dragons quickly retalitated and razed the village. The central government would have renounced the clan and left it be, but some of the clan's family members were high up and verbally attacked the dragons; spreading propoganda that it was an unjust attack and the dragons were savages. The public went into an outroar and the government had little to no choice but to declare war; most of them were convinced by the propoganda as well.

The two sides met in the first battle on the Fire Plains, which is a small stretch of grassland between the two countries that was claimed by neither; for they were content with their countries. These plains held great crop land and the two had usually left it to the Gelrha to harvest, and then pay them in crops. However, now they wished for the crops to fuel the war. During the battle, however, the entire plains were destroyed and it would take hundreds of years to bring them back to half the land it used to be. Both sides were decimated.

After twenty seven years of war, it is said that an estuanian noble was slain during a battle. His wife, a talented but pregnant mage, was so enraged she snuck off with the army so that she could fight. She did, but in an attempt to wipe out a dragon squadron she had to call upon some of the power of her child.

Xey, enraged that a child should be drawn into this and used as a tool for combat, descended upon the etsuani as a child and brought her as a prisoner to the plane of the gods. She also took a dragon, the strongest one there was on the battlefield, and made him a prisoner. Returning to the gods' plane, and rather pissed off at both of them, she asked them a simple question:

"Is there no peace?"

Both of them argued the case of their race and Xey was convinced that the prejudice was engrained too far in twenty seven years for them to recover. She stole their life force and put it into the child. The mix of the races' bloods, energies, and thought patterns created what are now referred to as the Angels. This child, however, couldn't be born from a dead mother, so Xey took the body of an adult and carried the child as if it were her own.

This child was born as Fate, the first angel. Fate stayed with Xey, who was technically her mother, for nine years. When she was nine, she was brought back to the plane in what would be the last battle of the war. Both sides had their great armies amassed on the Fire Plains, where the first battle had been staged. Fate was dropped in the middle of the field, moments before the two armies were about to collide.

From here it varies, because each race's history favors their viewpoint, but in Fate's journal she says: "I do not clearly remember those moments, but I do remember one thing. I thought, for a moment, I saw myself as all of those people, and in my child-like manner I wondered why they were fighting. I had an incredible urge to stop them, to make them not fight. And, suddenly, a great gust of wind errupted from me as I started to cry with sadness. A barrier was thrown up between the two forces, and I was at the only hole in it. The forces quickly recognized this and went to attack me; but they couldn't. I distinctly, though, remember seeing a shadow of Xey descend and come into me. That was the first time I unfurled my wings."

The estuani and dragons both accepted Fate as Xey's child quickly, and met odds almost instantenously with the Humans, who claimed they needed proof. In order to stop another war, especially for her name, Fate travelled to Tartha alone and met with the King. There, the King attempted to prove that she wasn't a direct emissary from Xey by having a battle of wits with her; but miserably failed. Fate had Xey's knowledge but the mind of a child, her naivety was so frustrating to the King that he went to strike her in rage; but his hand was burnt. Ashamed and humbled, he accepted Fate as Xey's child.

Fate was offered marriage many times a day by random nobles who wished to marry into power but she denied quickly at every turn. When she was 20, she met the human prince Ilian, and married him. This caused an uproar because humans were seen by the etsuani and Dragons, who claimed creation of the Angels, as inferior. However, as explained to Fate by Xey in her earlier years; Angel blood is not diluted. Only physical appearances are affected in breeding with any race.

From this was created the Ilian line, which is the line of Angels.

Figured you might wanna know about all of that.


"I never could, I never would..."

shining_shadows [userpic]
my contribution
by shining_shadows (shining_shadows)
at May 19th, 2005 (09:44 pm)

Mood -: pleased

Hey, now you finally get to meet the mysterious SS. I'm known as Kija usually online, so just call me that. In contribution to this story I created the Malerai race, an extremely advanced race culturally, technologically and magically. Nakt'zaknaljin'gul Is the demonic name of my character, though he goes by many titles. Heres a bio that I wrote hor him ages ago:

Nakt’zaknaljin’gul: No one knows the origin of this legendary, solitary being. He is said to be invincible in combat; that it is impossible to land a blow on him. Though he takes a demon name, (Dark Lonely One) it is said that he is neither Netherfolk nor demon, but something of another realm known as the Forgotten Nether. Some say he has an ethereal form, others claim he can become invisible at will, and still more offer variations on other supernatural powers. Though some doubt his existence, this being has been sighted numerous times in Derakïgah, the Nethershadow, the Nether, and Tartha. It is said he wields all weapons as though he were their creator. He has also been seen with weapons of such a massive size that they would seem impossible to use, though it seems he wields them as though they were made of air. No one has ever confronted this being with hostility and come back alive, though many indigenous and primitive cultures in all lands worship him as the Landoklon; “Protector” in a tongue that has been nearly forgotten except by those few who still practice the ancient rites that date before the Sundering. According to their beliefs, the Landoklon keeps all evil things away and warns the people of coming storms, enemies, and natural disasters. Though it is said that this being possesses many strange and powerful abilities, it seems to be a fact that he knows a very great deal about everything that goes on in all the Seven Realms.

Name(s)/Title(s): Nakt’zaknaljin’gul (Dark Lonely One)/Zaknaljin (Lonely)/Zak(nickname among friends; Felrean Lorandofel (Ever young Sky Dancer)/Fel (Nickname among intimate friends or family); Prince of the Crystal Throne(formal title); Landoklon (The Protector); The Ghost;
Age: 978,462
Race: Malerai
Height: 5’ 9 ½”
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye Color: White, though he may change it at will
Hair Color: Dark green, nearly black, though he may change it at will
Skin Color: Fair
Preferred Weapon(s): Double Swords
Element(s): Can use all elements effectively (prefers Ice, Earth, and Wind)
Magic Type(s): Has mastered all known magic types.
Current Occupation(s): Guardian of the Land
Past Occupation(s): Weapons Grandmaster, Grandmaster Bladesmith, Master Map-maker, Master Linguist, Lore Grandmaster, Master Historian, Master Metal Worker, Master Wood Worker, Mage, hunter, scout, spy, explorer, ambassador, General of War, Prince of the Crystal Throne

That should either interest you or make you wonder why the hell I bother writing such crap.

CurrentlyI'm working to develope the culture and history of the Malerai so that readers (and myself) can better understand them.

Hope you like what we have so far.


Kono yaiba shita ten...
by Paul (theguardian1821)
at May 19th, 2005 (06:05 pm)

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Song - : "Best of You" ~Foo Fighters

You've met Azure, and hopefully will meet SS (Shining_Shadows) soon enough.


Me? I'm TheGuardian1821, more commonly known around here as Paul. I'm the newest addition to this crack-team of authors, and more often than not the most displeased with his own work. I'm the most moody, inconsiderate, and messed-up kid you'll probably ever met (as much as Azure denies it), and I have only a few major contributions to this story; Two races (One of which is the Gelrha, the other is secret :3), helping found the Malerai, Mitano, Ithy, and the backstory of the Goddess Xey.


Here's quick (note: I do mean quick) couple of bios for you to wet your teeth with:


Bios of Mitano, Xey, and IthyCollapse )


And if you're looking for publications, dont' search for long. As much as we would love to get published (and I mean love), we barely have even internet names. I used to have one on fictionpress but it's obsolete, I'll leave Azure and SS to tell you if they have accounts. However, we may get accounts for these stories on FictionPress, and if we do we'll let you know.


Of course, we have to get readers first. XD




"Is someone getting the best of you...?"

Pencilmonkey [userpic]
by Pencilmonkey (azure_flipside)
at May 16th, 2005 (03:15 pm)

As it says in the userinfo page, Nrael is my brainchild (brainworld? o.O) and so are most of its inhabitants. So to clarify a few things, I'm going to give a bit of info.

I do my best to try and not define Nrael as either a pre-Earth idea or a different planet. Think of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings, I suppose. There's several races, and the ones the stories I've written focus mainly on these races and their countries (not all countries have been named yet):

1) Humans - Tartha
2) Dragons - Skystone
3) Lamiri (water dragons of sorts) - seas, oceans
4) Gelrha (Paul's creation, a primitive people of the plains)
5) Demons - Nethershadow (Derakïgah)
6) Netherfolk (Also called Ethers, sort of like the opposite of demons) - Nether
7) Malerai (Ben's creation, an incredibly advanced race, I'm sure he'll clear up on them for me later on)
8) Étsuani (Like elves, in a sense) - Ykkuankae

There's a triad of gods as well.

Xey - Goddess of Life, foremost and most powerful
S'karr - Sexless child of chaos and death (One of my personal favorites)
The Third - No one really likes him, kinda out of the picture, is malicious and evil but not worshipped for anything

The Nether and Nethershadow are ethereal realms that are layered over the Northsoils.

Let's see, what else... well, not much else to explain without making this an exceedingly long entry and also I'm still working on a lot of things.

The first book (yes, book, it's already 200 pages and still running) set in Nrael is called Certain Darkness. No actual portions of the manuscript are going to be posted for a WHILE, because I began writing it in 5th grade and it needs some SERIOUS revising. Certain Darkness is about the civil war of Tartha, the country of the humans, and I can't tell you much more about it or it'll give away the plot that I've sweated blood to make (hopefully) interesting. After Certain Darkness, I have already written most of it's sequel in my head, called Shadowspire. Well, I've written the last half of it in my head.

Right-o. Not the best introduction, but it's filling space.

Baome. (Later in demonic. Demons are my race of choice. :3)

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